The Services Offered at Our Professional Auto Glass Shop

US Windshield Repair is a professional auto glass shop based in Denver, CO. However, we are also happy to help anyone from Dayton Triangle, Aurora, CO. We have been in business for 5 years and for that time, we have been providing the members of the local community with many different services. You can learn more about them in the following paragraphs.

Auto Glass Installation – Need to get a new window installed? We can provide you with an impeccable car window replacement service. Our mechanics are well-trained, skills, and equipped with the latest tools so they are able to get this job done in no time.

Auto Glass Repair – Whenever you notice chips or cracks on your car’s windows, you should not hesitate to come to us. We can repair them before they expand and cause you more trouble.

Window Tinting Service – Want to keep your car cooler in the hot summer days or want to have more privacy? Take advantage of our auto window tint service! We can tint any window you want and make your vehicle look even better. We work with quality materials, so you can rest assured that the tint will last.

Headlight Restoration Services – Want to get your headlight looking as good as they did before? We are able to restore their former glory so they can really do their job.

Mobile Windshield Repair – We can also repair your windshield on site. In case it got cracked or broken, we can come to your current location and repair it for you. Don’t risk driving with a broken or chipped windshield, but give us a call right away!

Whenever you need a reliable auto glass service, you should come to US Windshield Repair or give us a call at (719) 326-7096. We will be happy to help you!

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